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We create Moving Images with Social Impact.


We offer ideation, production and seeding of emotion-driven cinematic online films that achieve concrete goals and reach a wide audience.

Ideas are as important as the right social media strategy. We deliver both. Because we do not want to produce anything that nobody sees.



This man stroked another man’s knee. What happened next will shock you!

About 50.0000 men were convicted under Section 175 of the German Penal Code because of their homosexuality. This film expresses this story to a young digital audience. Following the online release as part of a campaign by the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency the convicts were finally rehabilitated by a change in law.

300.000 views, more than 3.500 shares, 3.000 likes and 150 comments. In 2017 the film was awarded an Art Directors Award (ADC) Bronze Nail.

The Future ist full of Glitches!

The future is full of glitches in our conference trailer for the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation. Here our goal was to attract attention for the event among young audiences as well as make them attend, which we successfully did.


Only the people with an IQ above 160 can understand this archeological discovery. Are you one of them? Click to find out…

If history repeats itself, you’ve forgot to remember. This film spreads the message of the international Foundation of Remembrance, Responsibility and Future (EVZ) to a young conscious audience in USA, Israel, Russia, Germany, Ukraine, Poland and the Czech Republic.

1,7 million views, more than 9.000 shares, 14.000 likes and 500 comments by people aged between 25-35 years.


You won’t believe what these scientists did to these cute animals!

Discrimination is not just stupid, it’s also against the law. This film for the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency raises awareness of this fact. It connects people with this subject, who normally spend their time watching cat content and other humorous videos.

350.000 views, over 1000 shares, 3.500 likes and 800 comments.


This little girl got lost in the jungle. Her discoveries will stun you!

The variety of love is a fact and facts belong in school lessons. This film communicates this statement and commences an online discussion on this highly controversial subject. It’s the starting point of a debate that the Federal Anti-Discrimination Agency wants to break into.

135.000 views, 1.000 comments, about 400 shares and 1.400 likes. This film was also released as a Public Service Announcement (PSA) in German cinemas.


Two girls and a… boat.

Our recent sci-fi short film "Events of Cosmic Proportions" starring Lena Klenke, Marie Mayer and Rainer Sellien takes the viewer to an apocalyptic future where the Earth has stopped spinning and thus not even the air to breathe is free anymore. This film was co-produced in association with the production company “Das Kind mit der goldenen Jacke” and is now being prepared for its international festival release.


Watching this old woman dance will be the best thing you will see today!

Sweet 80 is an upcoming short documentary series, which will portray people on their 80th birthday all around the world. It will send a young digital audience a message from their future. This project is in development. We’re currently looking for the right partner to make this party happen.




Anna Moll - Creative Producer & Co-Founder

Anna Moll was born in Rostock in 1988, studied television production and journalism at the University of Westminster in London. She worked at the ARD Auslandsstudio London, in productions for the BBC and at UFA LAB Berlin.

She specializes in the development and implementation of socially relevant digital formats, transmedia productions and viral videos, such as the most successful political YouTube campaign #YouGeHa, or Raputation - a political rap show, which was awarded with the European Media Prize for integration (CIVIS). She co-developed the journalistic online format "Jäger & Sammler" (Funk, ARD & ZDF) which was nominated for the Grimme Prize and the Grimme Online Prize in 2017.

Anna is the author and producer of the cross-media ARTE documentary “Follow Me “ (2018). The TV movie "Follow Me" and the web series "I Follow" portrays Arab video bloggers and their communities in Syria, Egypt, Dubai and Saudi Arabia. The project draws a particularly authentic picture of a young Arab generation and its social longings. Anna also acted as director of the web series for this project.



Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko - Director & Co-Founder

When Maxim Kuphal-Potapenko was born in Moscow it was still under the Soviet regime. He grew up in Moscow, (East-)Berlin, and Warsaw. After Highschool Maxim studied Audiovisual Media (BA) at the Beuth University of Applied Sciences where he directed his first short films. He was a master’s degree student at the Hamburg Media School (MA Film Directing). His short-films participated in the competitions of international film festivals and won numerous awards. Amongst other artist in residencies and international film labs Maxim attended the renowned Script Station at the Berlin Film Festival’s Talents program for further development of his first feature.

Maxim’s work focuses on unexpected, ambivalent and at the time entertaining perspectives on the pressing issues of our time. Maxim works in narrative fiction, documentary as well as photography. To achieve a high level of authenticity he combines these elements whenever possible.



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